Grady Nia Project

In life, we celebrate love and connections in all of its forms. Friendship. Self-love. Romance. Consistent with that, the mission of the Grady Nia Project — a humanitarian, not-for-profit program is to provide a full constellation of psychological services free of cost to patients who have been so impacted by intimate partner violence that they have tried to take their own lives. Every year the Nia project serves hundreds of such women who have experienced intimate partner and domestic violence.

Statistics show that a majority of women are raped by their partners and not strangers. The violence perpetrated at home against such abused women is horrific. Many of the women have endured beatings, physical assaults, being shot at, and battery. Their stories are heart breaking. They have been battered, beaten to near death, humiliated, and emotionally abused. A majority of them have had their whole worlds snatched from them. They have lost homes, children, material possessions, and financial stability. The most significant losses, though, pertain to their self-identity, self-esteem, and a loss of trust in love and loved ones. For several women at Nia, love had become an endless cycle of violence, abuse, trauma, and suicide attempts.

Here at Nia, we believe that love should not hurt. At Nia, the focus is on each individual’s unique strength. We seek to foster unconditional love and self-love in each and every woman we work with. However, the process of reconnecting with the world, their own self, and love is a long and arduous one that they undertake here at Nia. These women have been battered repeatedly, brutally, over several months or years by somebody they had loved and trusted. Their journey with Nia and recovery is absolutely inspiring and amazing. We witness the courage and resilience demonstrated by them every day.

By helping abused and traumatized women empower themselves, we believe we are empowering children, families, and generations. However, to continue helping battered women build a new meaningful life, we really need resources and funds. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to give a gift that won’t wilt, in honor of someone you love. Your contributions to Nia — large or small — will play an absolutely vital role in enabling us to reach more women, touch more lives, empower more families, and generate more love.