Faith in God: Hope in Medicine

By Jewel S P

I once thought a diagnosis of Schizophrenia or Bipolar was almost as bad as a death sentence, socially, emotionally, and personally. I was very apprehensive about its impact spiritually as well. Did this mean I had done something so terrible that God would want to take my mind?

As a Christian I believe in confessing it is word and affirming what the Bible says about me. I said the same confession frequently; “I have the mind of Christ, I hold the thoughts, feelings, and purpose of His heart”. Now with the diagnosis of Schizoaffective Disorder, that seemed far from the truth and I was very confused.

Two years ago hospitalizations were frequent. It seemed like my own mind was attacking me and I depended on doctors and medicine to keep me sane. I expressed to God that this was backwards and I should be depending on him solely for my sanity. I was barely hanging on and felt that God had failed me in this area.

Then one day when reading the Bible-the New Testament, God pointed out that Jesus travelled with Luke – a physician. I immediately repented because I realized that even He used medicine and doctors as a means of restoring me as well as His power.

I have not been hospitalized for over a year, I am able to work from home for “Unveiled Treasures” – an online Christian book store, and the store’s name speaks to how God sees me – as a yet unveiled treasure.

I thank the Nia Project for giving me back my self-respect, self-esteem, and most of all hope. My faith in God is renewed as I confess His word over my life and especially my mind. I am grateful for the two (medicine/doctors and spirituality) working together to give me a new lease on life. I am ecstatic about where God will lead me and look forward to working with the Nia Project until my whole being is restored. Once again, Thank you Nia, for giving me my dignity back.

Grady Nia Fundraiser

The Grady Nia Project successfully hosted its Sixth Annual Fundraiser on May 1, 2016 at The Establishment, Midtown Atlanta. It was a wonderful event and witnessed more than hundred guests and a resounding response in the form of bidding to raise money for the clinical program. We are so fortunate that the Nia fundraisers are becoming increasingly successful over the years. Indeed, we are delighted to announce that this has been our more successful fundraiser till date. We would like to extend our gratitude and thanks to all those who graced the occasion with their presence as well as their generosity. Below are a few pictures from the event. A special thanks to Sallie Mack and her sweet family for all their help in making this fundraiser extra special. A big thanks to all our donors as well as the Nia team who worked so hard. An extra big thanks to The Establishment who selflessly provided the venue for us and for being extremely cooperative. We are thankful to Dr. Kaslow for establishing this wonderful and extremely needed program for suicidal men and women. Through Nia, Dr. Kaslow has taught and continues to teach a whole generation of psychologists how to be empathic mental health care providers who treat individuals with compassion and patience, two of the most vital things not routinely emphasized or taught in most curricula. Additionally, a big thanks to Dr. Dunn for serving this program as its clinical director and leading it to such success over the years.

Having Babies at the Age of 13


I’m 13 years old


I’m having a baby.


I don’t know what to do

Can’t take care of it

Cause I don’t have a job.


I’m having a baby

Too young to feed it, or to clothe it

Mom can’t take care of it

Because she have to take care of me.


So, what am I going to do?

Can’t go back to school

Once the baby comes

Cause there’ll be no one home

To take care for the baby.


I just can’t leave

The baby alone

So what the daddy is not there

To help me take care

Of the baby that he and I share

No one but me, just

me alone.


What am I going to do?

When the baby cries or when it wets?


I just realized I’m not ready

For this yet

But it’s too late for that

The baby is here now!


I can’t make the baby

Go back from where it came

I realize now that life

Isn’t all fun and games.


I am a very young girl

Who had to grow up fast!

Seems to me my life is over

Before it has begun.


I will never be able to

Have fun any more

Now that I am a mother

At the age of thirteen.


I don’t have any hope

Of what the future may bring

All I hope, I don’t

repeat this mistake twice

because this is a helluva way

to pay the price.

Who Gonna Help the Little Girl?

A Poem by DG

There’s a little girl inside of me

Crying out for help

Crying out for love


Who’s gonna help that little girl?

Who gonna wipe the tears from her eyes

When she cries?


Who gonna hold her

And make her feel safe at night?


Where can this little girl go

So, she won’t feel alone?


Who gonna be a shoulder

For her to lean on?


That little girl is still

Struggling from day to day

Trying to forget the past

That cause her so much pain


How can this little girl

Get her life back again?


Who gonna pick that little girl up

When everything start crashing down?


Who gonna help this little girl?

That lives deep in my heart

Where sadness and emptiness seem

To never part


Who’s gonna help me?

‘cause I’m the little girl

That’s hurting so badly inside


I’m the little girl

That need to be loved

I’m the little girl

That needs to feel safe at night

So who is going to save that little girl?


A Letter to My Daddy

Poetry Contribution by DG (Written in 2009)

Dear Daddy,


were you, when

I was

a little girl


When my world

was been

turned upside down


Where? Was you


when all these

bad things

started happening to me


Dear Daddy

Where were you


I need you to hold me tight

and rock me to sleep

at night


to let me know that

everything is going to

be alright


Dear Daddy, where?

were you

when? He was touching my body


Where? Were you

When he put his

body all

over my body

While I was a

Little girl


Daddy, did you love me

did I matter to


did you even think

about me

just once

did you ever wonder

that I was alright


Dear Daddy, why?

didn’t you ever

come to see

about me

Why? Daddy why?

I was your little girl


I needed you

More than

you could have

ever known


Dear Daddy, where?

were you

When I needed


to be there

to keep me safe and secure


Where? Was you Daddy

when I

cry myself

to sleep at night


wake up in the

middle of

the night with

such fright


Dear Daddy, even though

I’m a grown up


I’m still that

little girl


that still need



right now, today

and always.