My Self Esteem

My Self Esteem by DH

My self-esteem was so very low

I tried to hide, but there was nowhere to go.

Ducking and dodging, just to stay out of sight,

Feeling Rejection from left to right.

So I crawl in a corner and sat on the floor,

Feeling rejection more and more.

Feeling empty like a broken shelf,

Being the worst pain of all I rejected myself.

I got on my knees and begin to pray,

Dear Lord please take this pain away.

Then I lifted my eye upon the sky,

The Lord spoked to me, and said rise my child,

Because you’re been living a lie.


-By DH

The Purpose of Life is Life with a Purpose

D is for the determination to get us to keep going and be determined to get better

R is for responsibility for your actions and to take your medicine

K is for kind things she says and do

A is for absolutely, she makes everyone feel absolutely great

S is for her smile she puts on her face to let us know she cares

L is for the love she shows to the Nia staff and her patients

O is for the overall job she does with the Nia staff and patients

W is for willing, the willing things she will do to make us feel better

Dr. Kaslow you are the purpose of life and you make us feel that life is the purpose of living.


-By CD