I was alive, born to die, my twin 6 I;

What a life too strong to buy, divide, slide hide.

So I sit among this wreck;

The world as it is trouble in my own skin.

A lot to give might I live;

Much wasted time am I to survive alive.



Broke do I take a stick;

Dig a ditch.

As I find mind bind can’t see what will be;

Up & down, all around.

Below the belt, I tried not able to hide;

Broke in the smoke.

Need, plead, the joke is I’m broke, hope to cope.



Don’t think about the past, experience, days, be quick to forgive.

Become a child, finding it simple again, no wonder trusting in no other;

What a blunder, choose life, easy to say;

What a mess, I made, can’t afford a shade, do not borrow the blade.




V is for vessel

And J is for Jesus,

Praise is the way;

Only say;

Our God is mighty power beyond the way.

Hope brings life;

Only pray to make it every day!