Words by M.B.


You came here to help holier than though. Jaguar driving lacking common sense. Speak to people like there dirt realize climbing up the mountain gives you on a defense. Degrees up the yazoo its too mad you died before you tried.

True to the game, take your weave stick, sew before you call it to shame! All I know 1,000 shoes walking, talking, strife. Don’t blame me, I didn’t give you life to squander it on he.

Model pretty as can be so your daughter tricking me. Get up, take responsibility, she got a kid from Tommy, Bobbi and Lee. Life is a joke that’s what you said managing the first, second, third and the dead.

Lean me on that’s a dream in the burning afternoon, cream, scream molested only fostered. grew up angry. Who in the hella gonna help me. Adult bound childish games, couldn’t play hop scotch, wash it the way sexually active hack, wash, jack, no comprende. I SAY.

East side High, Paterson sky, by me of wrong road dead end. Lost my mind three times zero minutes two hurricane assembled with new habits extreme, water park, cesspool, thought it was Siberia, couldn’t hear ya, Micronesia.


Live, laugh, love nothing to me only here, said nothing, meant who in the hell told you you was the president! All wants to be head, said, dead yet now what’s the bet you, me, he she, animal carcass rain on the brain.

All I’ve even won was hatred served up pretty flawless, not necessary. It came with money not chumley and now I say goodbye to hatred.  HELLO TO A NEW DAY.


The crème, the stream woke up frighten in the dream, resolve, keen, lean on the word victory is told learning a new way a lot to pay, slaw, oh hell no will not pay! Time is up, will run and jump.

She was born silver spoon in her mouth, horse running proud, poppy in the cloud. Closet, shut up, lock key child, molestation not proud, shame, clouds, guilt found, not good for nothing else, mind shot call the cops.

Cold, dark, drained mentally 8 years old, knot tied close found leaking from the sounds, Alive or dead, wanted M.O. not found, give me the crown.

Thank you for life, why did I not good, bad all around. Injustice. I see 5 years old why me, a mind’s a terrible thing to waste, molested to the ground.



By M.M.

Written on 2/15/2016

Spring has sprung again in my heart

It rolls like the tide

Spring has given me a new way of life, only to begin again

Spring has given me a new way to breathe, healthy and free

Spring is here in my heart, molded solid in me!


A Healing in the World


Written on February 14, 2016

Dear God!

People need a healing

In this world today some

Are hurting, grieving

In pain

For the lost of a loved one

That they will never

See again

Dear God!

People need a


In this world today

Some are

Lost and confused

And don’t

Know what to do


What direction they should


Dear God!


Need a healing

In this

World today

Some of theirs


Have been shattered


Their spirits have

Been broken down

And there’s no one


To help them, get


Off of the


People need

A healing

In this world today

Dear God!

Some people can’t

Speak or talk

Nor see

But they do have

Plenty to say

People need a healing


Wisdom, knowledge

Loving, caring

Kindness and understanding

This is the



The healing process

People need a


In the world today

“Dear Heavenly Father”

Send your


Down here

To heal the people

There’s an urgent

Need for a Healing


The many, many



The world today

Killing poverty

Homelessness and

Loneliness and

Mental illness


You are a Great!! God

You are a Great!! Provider

You are a Great!! Comforter

When we need



You are all of ours

Heavenly Father


My God!! You love


No matter what!

Race, creed or


God, you made us


So, father, please heal

The people in

The world

Thanks Father

For the




By Viveca W.

Who says you have to be miserable and bored while you are not feeling well? Whether you have the flu, just came out of surgery or tore a ligament playing basketball, or whatever your situation is, the following list of activities can help you feel better and stay on top! I have gathered, experimented and explored this list myself for years and the results have been very positive! I really believe it can help you, too! Go ahead and explore the list yourself!

*Remember to check with your doctor if you are uncertain about trying specific activities*

  • Do gentle stretches and/or other exercises (Record and store exercises by using a voice recorder or video camera from your phone or another media playing device)
  • Practice improving your posture
  • Take deep breaths
  • Create a foot massage (Buy some sand or have a friend bring some from a beach, fill it up inside of a foot tub and run your feet through it for a gentle massage!)
  • Squeeze a rubber stress ball
  • Wear soft and cozy socks
  • Open up the blinds or curtains and let the warmth of the sunshine in!
  • Listen to the sound of ocean waves, the rain or music on a media player, youtube or from outdoors
  • Rest, sleep, nap and daydream
  • Take a foot bath (Add a soak, bubbles or oil)
  • Pray, reflect and/or meditate
  • Open up the window or run a fan to let a gentle breeze in
  • Use binoculars to view the town around you
  • Join a book club online or by phone
  • Draw, sculpt/mold, doodle and/or paint
  • Sing a song that makes your heart sing!
  • Use a backscratcher or massage brush on your back inside or outside of the tub (Add an oil, soap or soak)
  • Maintain your schedule (Daily routine, meals, treatment, exercise, religious/spiritual ritual, special occasions or days, appointments, applications/interviews, homework, reminders, messages, shopping list, budgeting, couponing, follow-ups or visits, planning, monitoring, etc.
  • Buy, order or make gifts for friends, relatives and other loved ones
  • Make new friends and introduce them to old friends
  • Reach out to a loved one by phone, email and/or text
  • Send a greeting card to a loved one
  • Spend some quiet time alone (Turn the world off for a little while and take a little break from technology)
  • Work from home (Find purpose-filled good paying opportunities that will allow you to work from home)
  • Light a candle or switch on a flameless candle and place it on your night stand or around your bath tub
  • Contact an author of your favorite book or media article and let them know how much they have added some positivity to your life
  • Collect special little things and keep them near you
  • Visit virtual museums online by going to http://www.virtualfreesites.com/museums.museums.html
  • Visit a city, state or country using google maps
  • Create or get a box, can, envelope or jar and fill it with your favorite quotes, sayings, scriptures, love notes, memories, etc. (Read them whenever you need a little boost of inspiration and motivation)
  • Create and build a collage of your dream home, career, vacation, wedding, etc.
  • Have tea time and sip on a soothing tea
  • Create a bucket list and a wish list and make it happen – no matter how long it takes!
  • Check-out, buy or borrow and read your favorite books, magazines, journals, etc.
  • Grow and maintain a potted plant
  • Grow and maintain a garden in your window
  • Dress-up (LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD!)
  • Buy or borrow a media player and watch a good movie or listen to your favorite album (Don’t forget the popcorn, refreshments and candy while you watch your movie!)
  • Collect and organize your own “Media Guide” by storing and saving your favorite channels and episodes from different types of media players
  • Cuddle with a soft blanket or pillow or furry stuffed animal
  • Keep a journal and fill it with your thoughts, feelings, reflections, insight, intuition, hopes, dreams, wishes, prayers, accomplishments, lessons-learned
  • Take fun and positive selfies and/or other special photographs (Store them or share them with loved ones)
  • Disconnect from news channels for a little while or at least read the online news or newspaper
  • Disconnect from the view points of negative people, especially if they only express joy from your set-backs – sickness included! (Your “set-backs” are really come-ups in disguise!)
  • Stay positive! (Don’t be distracted by the negative energy of negative people or the people they have influenced to speak or think negative things about you! You have something special and some negative people are really just “secret admirers” in disguise!)
  • Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced meal, take vitamins, supplements and/or any other medicines and eat LITTLE or NO junk food
  • Still celebrate special occasions and/or a rite of passage – even if you can’t be there (Have a friend bring back some cake, a special drink, flowers, video footage, pictures, etc.)
  • Create a new spin on your favorite food, drinks and snacks
  • Keep a caddy or roller crate of your favorite personal and handy items by your bed or near you
  • Hug yourself, your pillow, your stuffed animal, your therapy dog and/or your loved one
  • Keep up with fashion and check out what you might look good in! (Use your imagination! Fashion is everywhere!)
  • Write a poem, a song or haiku
  • Color your space by creating some color swatches and let it inspire you to make something special and uplifting! (Find, snip, cut and gather beautiful colors from all sorts of materials and objects)


By DYG (Written on October 15, 2015)

You Can Get Help

                  Dealing with my mental illness is a very hard battle for me, it is like there’s a lot of deep, deep, severe pain in my brain that is really unexplainable. The pain is so powerful it literally makes your brain hurt, cause brain on an overload, out of control, off-track, like a train that has jumped the wrong track. I’ve been this way ever since that (MAN) “monster”, first time touch me at the age of 8 years old. I was a baby an “angel” from God that believe in God with mighty, mighty faith and strong soul and spirit. That man destroy something inside of me that I can’t never, ever get back, he killed my soul, heart and spirit, something that was very sacred and pure. My life hasn’t been the same since, but in the midst of it all, I knew God had me. God protected my brain I was going through this abuse. God kept my brain for going into overload, because, I didn’t know how to protect myself. If God hadn’t been there when I needed him, I probably wouldn’t have survived at all.

                Mental illness is real, I have lived every day of my life since 8 years old. I been fighting this war forever and ever. It is an uphill, downhill fight. It hit you at any time, at any point in your life, you are never ready for it because you can’t see it coming, especially, when don’t know what it is that’s keep attacking your brain. I learned to survive it until one day it spiraled out way out of my control. I didn’t know that this was an illness until many, many years later in my life after I had been to see more than 10 or 15 psychiatrists/therapists or more.

But once I came back to Grady in 2012 and got involved with the Nia Project at Grady Hospital and some of the best therapists I ever had over the 53 years of living this way in my life. I finally got a therapist, RA, who worked with me over 2 years. I made some milestones and many small breakthroughs. That’s why, I am here telling my story. I want to make more awareness about Mental Illness. I have mental illness, I used to be afraid to speak it, because I thought mental illness meant “crazy” but that’s not true at all. It’s like an illness just like all other illnesses. Only different, it attacks your brain and a very severe indescribable pain.

Let’s start doing something about mental illness and continue to help Grady Nia Project to be able to reach more and more who are living with this illness. Believe me it is so, so very real