Words by M.B. (continued)


I. Words are not a thing for her, no pain, no gain. Terror all her life, bite, take a chunk out of plight. Put down all your life, time to celebrate, cut the cake, peanut butter fake. Weight on the scales, Bobby came over to get down.

II. Life has not been good to you, blue, attitude is through. Through the ground, in the state of emergency. I’m peach the snack, caliber ready too late, hate hate hate. It’s all you know, life blasted you to the ground, bugs found, no room for the moon, BOOM!

III. Soul dead, crack is back, fences down, nobody around. Cried all your days, 18 years old penitentiary chains, clientele what the hell. Momma knew, daddy tied up on you, red, yellow, black, white & brown, bubbling sugar all around, hey what do you say turned the wrong way.

IV. I didn’t come for your dis-hospitality claiming the best, only showing he, he, he! Shut you down beautiful flaunting around stick it in and out. Only thing you got is a stroller that shows, 24.8. Condemned the building, 4 legs love you, limp, gimp, elephant feet, neat.

V. Hotel, motel, holiday inn, start acting up and I’ll reverse your skin. Strange it seems, so one man, stand, in and out, elevator soon closes at your shout! Mess, messy messiest moron, show son, blind to see, life does not revolve around me. See. Hehe.