News and Events

Fall/Winter 2018

Christmas Party and Talent Show

On December 4th, Nia Team members and patients gathered in Steiner Auditorium to celebrate the holiday season. Food was served before a talent show emceed by Jude, one of the graduate students. Performances included  poetry, rap and a short skit. Our very own Dr. Nadine Kaslow danced to a poem read by a patient. At the end of the afternoon gifts were distributed. Every patient got a stocking with a handwritten note by our staff. Additional gifts were also given to patients’ children and grandchildren. We are so grateful to private donor “Nia Santa” for making this annual event possible.

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On Tuesday, November 13th, Nia Project Members and patients celebrated Thanksgiving with a huge potluck style meal. After everyone got food, attendees took time to share what Nia has meant to them and added to a Gratitude Tree art piece. All the leftovers were either given to patients or brought to people experiencing homelessness in the area. Thank you to everyone who contributed and joined the celebration!

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Previous Events

Nia is extremely proud of Dr. Nadine Kaslow who was recently awarded the Fulton-Dekalb Hospital Authority Healthcare Champion Award for her pioneering work related to conceptualizing, leading, and greatly expanding the Grady Nia Project over the past two decades.


Over the past quarter, consistent with its core values, Nia organized several events for its members.

  • Two new groups have been added to the roster: (1) pain management group and (2) group for survivors of suicide – Nia’s first group that is in part been conceptualized and designed by a Nia patient furthering Nia’s goal of empowerment and autonomy
  • The winter clothing drive provided the Nia patients with much-needed winter clothing.
  • To focus on the creativity of this talented group of patients, a jewelry making workshop was held where participants designed and made bead jewelry.


  • The Nia staff came together and celebrated Thanksgiving by organizing two Thanksgiving parties where the food was graciously donated and cooked by the staff.


  • In keeping with its philosophy of supporting patients across different spheres of their life, patients were provided with financial assistance as part of the Empowerment Fund to pursue their chosen educational programs.
  • Nia also led a successful on-line fundraising drive to raise money for future clinical and humanitarian services.